Nae Pac Complete Weigh, Fill and Seal System

Nae Pac weigh, fill, and seal system

Nae Pac System

Nae Pac and APM have just released a new Complete Weigh Fill and Seal System. This system is great for various dry materials like food, coffee, electronic parts, candy, grains, pills, plastic pieces, seeds, and more. It’s easy to use and helps with filling and sealing these items exactly.

Our Weigh Fill and Seal System is super easy for all businesses, including startups. It works great with liquids, powders, and solids. It makes sure you get the right weight, fill things up just right, and seal them up nice and tight, making your packaging a breeze. When you go for our system, you’re not only making your packaging better and more dependable, but you’re an affordable product. So, choose it to make your job simpler and make your package work better. Plus, it helps you stick to your budget.

The complete system is cheap and priced under $25,000. Contact us now!

Complete Weigh Fill and Seal System shipped within 2 weeks of order depending on availability.

Nae Pac Complete Weigh, Fill and Seal System Product Features

  • The APM Model TCBSDM-3/8 sealer and the Nae Pac NPS-1 weigh and fill are both built in the United States.
  • The fully seamless system comes as one unit
  • Free product eval
  • LCD display with integral touch screen.
  • You can configure the weigh fill system for various tasks in just a few seconds.
  • 2 week delivery
  • call for availability

Nae Pac Complete Weigh, Fill and Seal System Product Specifications

  • Scale accuracy at 0.5% of system capacity.
  • Commercially available PLC controller.
  • Scale contact parts are stainless steel and removable for wash-down.
  • Scale capacity to weigh up to 5 lbs (depending on product density).
  • Sealer and conveyor are specifically designed for stand-up pouches.
  • Quality seals at 3/8” wide are achieved. 1/8” and 1/4” wide are also available.
  • Designed to seal following materials: polyethylene, polypropylene, laminates, nylon, PET/ polyester.
  • Designed with 5” long heating zone and 5” long cooling zone for greater flexibility.