Efficient Packaging with Our Semi-Automatic Net Weighing, Filling & Packaging Machine

The Nps-1

We make Net Weigh Filling an easy process with our Entry-Level Semi-Automatic System for Small Projects. Plus, to make sure you get spot-on results, you can easily use the moving feed pan. Furthermore, to take control of the process, the switchable gate in the supply hopper enables exact distribution onto the feeder pan. Additionally, our design is friendly, and thanks to the available PLC controller, it gives you full control over your operation.

The NPS-1 is priced under $10,000

Shipped within 2 weeks of order.

  • Foods – fresh, frozen, dried
  • Coffee
  • Electronic components
  • Candy
  • Grains
  • Plastic Parts
  • Seeds
  • Nuts and trail mix
  • Many others – any free-flowing dry material

Net Weigh Filling Machine for Precise Packaging

Use this system for filling your product into bags, boxes, bottles, and other containers. The filling process is activated by a foot pedal, and the machine comes with a standard discharge funnel.

Exceptional Versatility and Pinpoint Accuracy with Net Weigh Filling

This rugged, precision stainless steel construction is versatile and offers accuracy of up to 0.5%. The supply hoppers and weight hoppers can be easily removed for immersion cleaning, and fast, straightforward changeovers enable you to handle various products with ease.

Comprehensive Product Support for Your Net Weigh Filling Machine

At Nae Pac, we thoroughly test your products and configure all initial parameters before shipping. All you need to do is plug in the system and start using it. Nae Pac also encourages you to visit the factory for free machine training before shipping. The user manual is easy to understand, and unlimited, free telephone support makes the NPS-1 a low-risk choice.

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    Specifications for NPS-1:

    • Weight Range: From 5 oz to 5 lbs (several grams to 2.3 kg). Determined by the density of the product.
    • Speed: Up to 15 dumps per minute (depending on weight/size/density).
    • Dimensions: 16”W X 28”D X 27.5”H (excludes control enclosure).
    • Power Requirements: 115 VAC, 60 hz.
    • Air Requirements: 60 PSIG.
    • Supply Hopper Capacity: 1.75 cubic ft.
    • Construction: Made of stainless steel.
    • Display Indicators: Show the “OVER” weight status.
    • Accuracy: Achieves 0.5% of system capacity.
    • Load Cell: Utilizes Strain Gauge technology.
    • Information Display/Keyboard: Features a monochrome LCD display with an integral touch screen.
    • Shipping Weight: 200 lbs (basic machine).