NPB-1000 Automatic Bagging System

State-of-the-Art Pre-Made Pouch Bagger

Nae Pac NPB-1000 State-of-the-Art Pre-Made Pouch Bagger

The Automatic Pre-Made Pouch Bagger from Nae Pac

Nae Pac is very excited to introduce the NPB-1000, a highly advanced pouch bagger. This system took us almost five years to make, and we worked super hard on it. We made it way better than regular baggers, with help from packaging experts. Now, it’s a user-friendly system that’s great for making things faster and using less stuff. In short, it makes bagging a whole lot easier and efficient.

Nae Pac is thrilled to present the NPB-1000, a modern pouch bagger. This advanced system is the result of almost five years of hard work and research. During this time, we carefully created a solution that’s better than traditional baggers. By working with packaging experts, we solved industry problems, making a user-friendly system that improves product efficiency and reduces waste.

Reviews of the State-of-the-Art Pre-Made Pouch Bagger

State-of-the-Art Pre-Made Pouch Bagger - Vermont Artisan Coffee
“We presented a challenging bagging application to Nae Pac Automation. They were able to quickly devise and implement several custom solutions to the stock machine that made the project a success. We are happy with the system and would work with them again.”
~ Mane Alves, Vermont Artisan Coffee
State-of-the-Art Pre-Made Pouch Bagger - Small Batch Organics
“We purchased our Nae Pac pouch bagger back in 2016. Over two million bags later, the machine is pumping out product with only routine maintenance required. The team at Nae Pac is easy to work with and they answer their phone when you call.”
~ Jack Desarrio, Small Batch Organics

State-of-the-Art Pre-Made Pouch Bagger - RV Industries Inc.
“Before we purchased the Nae Pac bagger we were filling and sealing our pouches manually, a tedious and time-consuming process. Nae Pac worked with us to identify the best equipment to use with our product and pouches and customized our bagger to conform with our specifications. We were able to quadruple our pack rate and reduce labor costs. Customer service has been excellent, as any of our questions were always answered quickly.”
~ Vince, Plant Manager. RV Industries Inc.

State-of-the-Art Pre-Made Pouch Bagger - Café Vittoria Inc.
“We’ve been using our Model NPB-1000 bagger from Nae Pac Automation Inc, combined with a 3 head vibratory filler for 2 years without any headache. Reliable quality, low maintenance, and easy access to the high skilled support team. We doubled our productivity and eliminated repetitive motion injuries. You can rely on the team at Nae Pac.”
~ Mathieu Roy, Engineering Manager. Café Vittoria Inc

Available Bagging and Packaging Solutions

  • Side Gusset Bags
  • Kraft Bags
  • Resealable Bags
  • Rice Paper Stand Up Pouches
  • Zipper Bags
  • Square Bottom Zipper Bags
  • Flat Bottom Bag
  • Quad Seal Bag
  • Fold Over Pouch


State-of-the-art OMRON PLC Controller allows you to enter and save 20 bag configurations for quick, accurate changeover.


6-inch color display with integral touch screen features multiple functions and